Leolana Zodiac Sign Papyrus Painting (Amon Ra – Aquarius)


  • Papyrus
  • Imported
  • January 21 – February 19 Zodiac Sign
  • Handmade In Egypt By Talented Artisans
  • Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Paper (Roleable)
  • 8 x 10 Inches ( Frameable)


Leolana Zodiac Sign Papyrus Painting (Amon Ra – Aquarius) January 21 – February 19AMON RA – AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19

Intelligence & Strong Will This symbol of power represents those born under the signs known as Amon Ra in Egyptian Astrology and Aquarius as defined by Western Astrology.
If your sign is Amon Ra, this symbol reflects your intelligence, strong will, and natural leadership qualities.
You have a keen intuition that helps you make difficult decisions, and never seems to fail you.
You are confident in your choices and have clear direction for the future.
Those born within dates January 21-February 19 are also extremely generous individuals.
As an Amon Ra, you are destined for great things! May this unique piece serve as a reminder of your capabilities and influence during life’s challenging moments.
As an Aquarius, those around you admire your intellect and independent spirit.
You are a pillar of strength for your family and friends. This symbol also celebrates your kind and honest character.

Papyrus Paper

The papyrus plant grows in the Nile fresh water, it has long roots and stems, the ancient Egyptian used its stems in building ships and making papyrus paper.
We take off the outer green skin and then slice the internal part into strips, we hammer the strips to squeeze their water, this process breaks the fibers.Then we put the strips in regular water for 3 days until it has absorbed enough water to be flexible and transparent.
The papyrus strips are cut to the required length and shape and then we put them on a piece of cotton overlapping the edges of each strip making two layers, one horizontal and one vertical.The sheets then go between cardboards and are pressed, we change the cardboards every 8 hours until the sheets are completely dried. This takes about 3 days and the papyrus is ready for use and can be used with any ink for painting or writing.


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